From My Guides


Most people don’t this about me. For many years I have been channeling both written and audio information from what I consider to be my guides. Call it what you will, guides, angels, sub-conscious mind, or other.  It happens in almost a downloadable way and sometimes I have trouble keeping up with the keyboard as it happens that fast. 🙂

Until this time I have shared some of my writings with a few select people and only occasionally. However, as per urging from this source, I am now ready to share more with the world.

It is my hope that if this helps you and you resonate with it in anyway, that is wonderful and if this is something that is beyond your belief system or liking, then that is okay too.

So here is a very short Q&A with my Source in response to a question asked on behalf of my Facebook friends. I hope you enjoy it and that it gives you some comfort.

Question from me:

I am wondering what message I can give for my friends who are looking for a message from the other side?


Oh little one it gives us great joy that you asked. Tell your friends that they are in our benevolent thoughts and that their prayers are being answered. Tell them to look for the signs that are gifted their way on a regular basis. Tell them that the more they see, the stronger the connection becomes to allow the communication from the Beloved, from the Divine, from all that is, in Love and Light and Beauty. Tell them to seek the Joy that they so much avoid. They are meant to be joyous beings but they have forgotten how to be.

We will send more information for those who are ready to receive it. Go in Love and in Light……

Be Like Bamboo!

Business person with bamboo

“As for the future: I’ll go on believing there is one – maybe even a happy one… Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure – the adventure is not over”.  Lauran Bascall

How we choose to see life now makes a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves and our lives. Do you tend to long for the past or the way things were? Or are you the kind of person who is creating your future in your mind?  Or have you mastered living in the present?

Whatever place we are at, it is always easier if we see the future through the eyes of Hope. Knowing that life is a roller coaster of ups and downs makes it interesting to say the least. We all go through struggles, disappointments, grief, etc., but it’s how we adapt that makes the difference.

I heard a Japanese proverb or such that says that “women are strong like bamboo”. This means that they are adaptable and bending as they go through life and all of life’s challenges. The more we can be adaptable and bendable the stronger we are. Just thinking of this theory, brings me comfort.

Being like bamboo means we also adapt to where we are now and how we see the future. Knowing we have been like bamboo in the past, means we can be strong in the future too. Let us trust in the adventure and remain like bamboo. is a Life & Business Coach who enjoys spending time in nature and at her Happy Place.

About this Picture


butterfly and lilacs.jpg

June is one of my favorite months for many reasons and both butterflies and lilacs are two of my most cherished June sitings.

A few days ago I was blessed to see this lilac bush full of butterflies and bees on a beautiful sunny day at the cottage. I will never forget this day. It was an incredible siting as the butterflies flitted to and fro.

Here is the cool thing about the picture with the butterfly. I have a new Galaxy Samsung S8+ phone and the camera is incredible. I actually took that picture from quite a distance and then zoomed in after the picture was taken and then grabbed a screen shot of it. Wow. Can you believe the clarity that was captured from a distance? Incredible

There are many things I love about this phone but the camera and editing features are among the best. For example I was able to make this little video clip of the flitting butterflies with music right in the camera section.

On a side note for Samsung Galaxy S8 lovers, contrary to popular consent, having the finger print area where it is is something that I love. lol It works for me perfectly.

I am really looking forward to my future picture taking and sharing more beauty with the world.

Thanks for stopping by here today. 🙂


Happy Birthday My Friend!

teresa rose

Happy Birthday to one of my BFF’s, business partners, mentors, sounding boards, venting channels, and someone who I am truly grateful to have the pleasure of having in my life.

Teresa, you are one of the most amazing woman I know and you never cease to amaze me with your strength, courage, persistence, and wisdom. You blaze trails in life and business  with love and kindness as your rocket fuel. Anyone who meets you, or has the pleasure of meeting you, is forever changed for the better. This can’t be said of all people in the world, but you certainly rank #1 in my books.

I wish for you all the wishes that I know you wish and those yet to come. We have supported each other for well over 20 years in both life and business and know I will be here now and always for the next part of our beautiful journey. We have experienced both births and deaths and all that goes in between and all making us stronger and the journey more beautiful.

I know we are part of a bigger picture, a movement if you will, and the lives that you touch and continue to touch, expand out farther than we can see. What a beautiful  gift that YOU, my friend give to the world by YOU being in it. Please celebrate you today.

On a closing note, today is the day I brought my Sivanna home from the hospital finally after her premature birth. I find it so fitting to be your birthday as I know one of your wishes for me was to experience the beautiful gift of motherhood so I mark this ‘birth’ day as an extra special day in my heart always.

I love you my friend… to the universe, around and back again and forever and always.

Be Kind Always…

be kind always

Today I learned of someone who took their own life. Although I did not know them personally, I knew some of their family members, in particular a young child.

This broke my heart and once again reminded me that we never ever know what someone else is battling or what pain they are in physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

What can we do? We can do a simple thing that has great impact. We can be kind to others in our day to day living. Smile at as many people as you can, say hello to as many people as you can, offer to hold a door, hold the baby while Mom packs the groceries in the cart, run an errand for someone with no vehicle, etc. etc. These small acts of kindness make a huge difference. Let us also teach our children to love everyone, to love themselves so they can love others and to be kind and yes say hello to strangers.

Today I vow to add more kind gestures into my everyday and to lead with even more Love and let my heart lead the way and not my head, to let go of judgments and to remember everyone is battling something.

Celebrate Life!

Recently it was my daughter’s 11 birthday and we traveled to Toronto to see a hockey game and visit my sister Stephanie and her family. I was once again reminded of the importance of family and in celebrating life.



We had an early Easter egg hunt both inside and out. We also sat together and decorated eggs while visiting and chatting. pretty eggs

We then had a birthday celebration complete with cake and ice cream. Stephanie had taken the time to adorn the table with pretty things that included, flowers and beautiful bowls with Lily’s on them. It was so nice to eat cake and ice cream from these beautiful bowls and in this happy setting. I am a person who takes great joy in the celebration of life and always appreciate the effort when people take time to make it special and to use “the good china” so to speak. Those little touches are a delight indeed.  To me there is nothing better than getting together to share food, laughter and to make memories, all while celebrating life together.

I am so looking forward to my annual Easter dinner with my family tomorrow. We will have a feast that will be ‘the best ever’ of course, clink glasses, use our fine china, and cherish the chance to be together once again.

Happy Easter to all!


Why I Love to Take Pictures


I love to take pictures and for various reasons. One of the reasons is I love to capture beauty. It’s like an art form for me. How many times have I taken a picture of a sunset in the same spot? Hundreds of times. It is the moment that is new and in each new moment in life there is beauty.

Another reason I love to take pictures is to capture the moments in life that bring me Joy. For example on FB this morning, I was viewing the My Memories feature, which I Love btw, and saw pictures from last Easter. BOOM!  Joy all over again.

My sister Stephanie and my daughter Sivanna spending time together and helping me to prepare our Easter feast was the photo presented to me this morning. I smiled and a tear came to my humble eye.


The next photo memory to grab my attention was Sivanna and Auntie relaxing after the egg hunt. 🙂 Priceless. That picture tells an entire story.


Many people I have heard from, tell me they prefer to be in the moment rather than taking pictures or filming. Ex. at a wedding or similar event. For me, I love to ‘capture’ the moment. I love to take a piece of  Bliss or Joy from a moment of time and then delight in it in the future. I love the opportunity the digital world offers us.

Many people use Instagram these days and my Instagram account is more so a collection of my beautiful moments in life. This collection includes my sunsets, my happy places, my creations, my favorite food, and more. I’d like to think that if I died and someone wanted to know what was important to me, my Instagram portfolio would tell a lot. I invite you to view my favorite pictures there.  I love to go and look at them now and then because it reminds me of what is most important to me. 🙂

And please if you enjoy these photos, give them a thumbs up. It is nice to know that others appreciate the beauty in life too and that the efforts of capturing them are appreciated. It’s encouraging 🙂 is a Life and Business coach who believes that if you Love life it will Love you back!


Another beautiful poem by my honey, from 2012.


Night sky praiseWhen  you are in spirit, you are in union with God,

You become one with the forest as you sit on that log.

Your mind transcends what you believe to be true,

You see only Love in whatever you do.

The sky becomes bluer and the stars become more bright.

As you inhale nature in the middle of the night.

All people become one as you serve and you trust.

There is no them because them all become ‘US’

Don Perry

August 25, 2012

World Peace


While organizing and purging in my office tonight, I found this piece written by my honey in July of 2014. I thought it was the perfect time to share it, so here it is…..

Some day we will see everyone on our planet as equals. When that day comes we will all see each other as one. Color, race, and religion will not be an issue. It will be impossible for anyone to go without the material things of life that we need to survive.

We will automatically know that when we are caring for our planet and everyone on it, that we are caring for ourselves because we are all one.

We are waiting for the world leaders to create peace in the world. To create peace in the world we must change our thinking. Peace can only be created through collective consciousness. When the majority of the world population consciously desires peace, then we will have world peace. God always gives to us whatever it is that we deeply desire. We create our own lives with our thoughts, words, and our actions. When enough of us create collectively and consciously, we can change the world.

The solution to peace in the world starts with each one of us. We must learn to love and not hate. We must teach our young that love is the answer to a peaceful, happy life.

Love All Ways,

Don Perry

July, 2014



The Art of Instant Forgiveness

A person reads alone in the morning forest

Anita Moorjani, author of “Dying to be Me” and more recently “What if THIS is Heaven”, on a recent FB Live Video had shared the concept of Self-Love rather than Self-Sacrifice. We are all good in the self-sacrifice department, but many of us fall down in the self-love arena, wouldn’t you agree?

I think the message of more self-love is an ever-important message, especially for the women of the world, who tend to take care of the needs of everyone else first and foremost.

One of the ways I personally am trying to practice self-love is by applying personal forgiveness. For example, when I have a thought such as I should not have said that, or did I really do that, or whatever thought that pops to mind that causes me feelings of unworthiness, regret, guilt, or shame, etc., I try to apply what I now call “Instant Forgiveness”.

Lately I have been getting a profound understanding of the power of ‘in an instant’. This most likely stems from technology as in sending an email or a photo from one of my devices and seeing it received on another, at what seems to be the exact same time or instant. The witnessing of this has opened my mind and instilled a knowing in me that things can indeed happen instantly. I have come to believe that healing, forgiveness or letting go of something whether it’s a thought, a belief or a pattern does not have to be a long drawn out process. We can forgive ourselves in an instant if we make that our intention. Just think of that email sent across the world, in an instant and you know anything is possible… in an instant. 🙂

Everyday I am working on ways to practice more self-love. One of the best ways I have found is to take time to read from books like Anita’s current book, “What is THIS were Heaven?”. One of my favorite quotes from the book so far, is a message that was given to her when she found she had once again gotten lost in everyone’s pain and the woes of the world. It goes like this “Remember your only work is to love yourself, value yourself, and embody the truth of self-worth and self-love so that you can be love in action. That is true service, to yourself and to those around you.”

So today I leave you with the concept of “Instant Forgiveness” for yourself and others because the moment we forgive, we give to ourselves the gift of the release of pain and suffering. Let us forgive instantly and often so we can be the love that the world so needs right now.  Will you join me by practicing Instant Forgiveness and more Self-Love? Let’s do it for the world, shall we? 🙂

Maggie Holbik is a Life & Business Coach who believes that if you love life, if will love you back… now that’s the magic.