My Soul Knows

my soul knows

My soul has always known.

It is I who has not been listening.

My soul is gentle.

My soul is kind.

My soul is patient.

My soul lets me play with my ego.

My soul lets me dance with my emotions.

My soul encourages me.

My soul is yearning yet patient.

My soul is eternal and knows that there is no rush.

My soul is the wind beneath my wings.

My oh so beautiful soul I feel you and

I hear you through

every beat of my heart.


Miraculous Meditation!!!

Woman in water during pray or meditation

We all mediate whether we realize it or not. Every time we think of something, focus on something, or dwell on something, we are meditating!

Mediation comes from the Latin root “med” which means “to measure”. This is the same root that forms the word medicine! So, when we mediate we are actually performing a miraculous act. The question becomes what is the best form of meditation that ultimately serves us in the highest way?

Put simply we become what we think about. Meditation of any sort has the ability to transform and to heal as does medicine. Whether we are walking and thinking, reflecting while washing our dishes in the sink, or sitting cross legged with palms up and chanting, we are meditating! 🙂

No matter which form I take, I am very proactive at using my thoughts for my highest good. In fact, I have coined a phrase “I control my thoughts, they don’t control me!” This has served me well and I am very conscious and aware of the thoughts that I am thinking at all times.

We are powerful, powerful creators and we really do have the power. 😊 Let us use it wisely.

A Tribute to Barb


Yesterday was my sister Barb’s birthday. I am the baby and Barb is the oldest. I don’t ever remember living with Barb as I was so young when she married and started her own family, yet we are very close.

I could go on and on about Barb’s professional accolades and the difference she has made in the world through her various positions in her career throughout the years, but to me she is so much more than that….

Barb is my big sister. Barb is now the leader and wise one in our family. Barb is the one who I look up to for advice on life, on child rearing, on cooking, on understanding human nature and on love and compassion. Barb has worked with prenatal babies and in palliative care and she has lived a life full of experiences, heartache and love.. the entire spectrum, so you can see why she is the ‘wise one’ to me and many others.

I am so happy to see you Barb, enjoying your retirement and traveling to so many places, but most of all I am happy to see you in Joy and Living in the Now. It is great to see and your joy of life and living shines in all that you do.

In this picture you are in Italy today cooking up a storm. Did I mention to you all that she is the best cook ever? I wish I was there smelling the pot and waiting in anticipation for yet another of your amazing meals.

Anyhow, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am proud to call you my sister, my friend, and one of the wisest women I know. You are a gift to all that know you. I wish for you so much love and joy and that you enjoy every moment on this beautiful journey of life. I love you Sis! And don’t forget you have awesome legs! 😉 hee hee

A Friend in Need

“A friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be anywhere else”. Len Wein

This quote made me reflect on how wonderful it is in life to have support and how having a friend when you need one is so comforting. Then I got to thinking what about us? Are we there for ourselves when we need us to be? Do we treat ourselves like a best friend would or could? Or are we wanting to be anywhere else then loving, helping, and supporting ourselves?

Often times we understand the importance of caring for others but when it comes to ourselves it is not as easy.

What if we looked at ourselves as our own best friends? What if we encouraged ourselves and supported ourselves by seeing ourselves as our own best friend?

To my best friend, Me, I love you, I support you, I encourage you and you need to know that I will be here for you always. 😊 I may not always make the best choices but I will always hold you in the Love and Light that I know you are.

To all the best friends out there may you be the best you can be to your ME!

Friends Meeting And Enjoying Coffee And Cookies

Big Leaps

Sometimes in life we have to take big leaps or make big decisions. Maybe it’s a decision regarding taking charge of our health, or ending a relationship, or moving from a place we’ve been at for a long time.

Change is never easy but neither is suffering. Sometimes it helps to understand that the pain of staying where we are, might be greater than where we leap to.
I find things work much easier if I reflect on where I am going to, rather thank looking back at what is or where I am.

Focus on the good feelings that you will experience when you get to that next place. Perhaps it’s freedom, or better health, or ease of movement, or not being treated poorly by yourself or others. When we can get excited about the changes, we make it so much easier to transition.

No matter what, remember that life is a series of ups and downs and no one escapes this, so always be kind to yourself and when you need to, embrace the big leaps and trust in the process.

On Instinct

Swan with cygnets on a lake
“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” Benjamin Spock

Nature teaches us about instinct. How does a Momma animal of any kind know how to care for it’s new offspring? By instinct.

We are no different. Perhaps the difference lies in our ability to trust ourselves in life. As human beings we have brains that can become very analytical and logical. We sometimes forget that we have instinct and that we can trust it. Rather than human ‘beings’ we become human analysers. 😊

Let us all be reminded of this amazing and innate natural gift that we all possess.

Definition of INSTINCT
1. 1: a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity had an instinct for the right word
2. 2a : a largely inheritable and unalterable tendency of an organism to make a complex and specific response to environmental stimuli without involving reasonb : behavior that is mediated by reactions below the conscious level

Letting Go of Fear

Win concept. Businessman holding gold medal.

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live”. Dorothy Thompson

Fear is something that most people struggle with their entire life. For the latter part of my life I have actively worked at coming from a place of Love rather than Fear. I find that the more I let go of fear, the happier I am, the healthier I am, and most importantly the more I enjoy life to it’s fullest potential.

I truly believe one of the greatest achievements or awards that we could give ourselves is to eradicate fear from our lives.

One of the easy ways I have found to snap myself out of the fear mode or fear frequency, is to imagine myself at the end of my life. Would the fear I am having matter at all? Or would I see it as having wasted precious moments of my life? The answer is always that I would have wasted precious moments of life and I even would see my self shaking my head and saying Why? Why? Why? 😊

Seeing myself at the end of my life also helps me to truly realize and grasp what I want in this lifetime. I am jolted into understanding the moments that count and letting go of things that don’t matter. It makes it much easier to prioritize what is important.
The more we move to a place of love, the more fear escapes out the back door and the less it appears. The more we can love ourselves, love others and love the world at large, the more the entire frequency shifts to a place of peace on earth.

I encourage you to join me in eradicating the fear in our daily lives and replacing it with love.

I love you all!

3 Clues to Intuition

Woman in living room thinking

We are all able to tap into our intuition or our sixth sense as some people like to call it.

I have found that there are 3 big clues to using your intuition.

1) Look for hesitation. If you find that you are hesitating about something, there could be a really really good reason and this is often your intuition at work. When you find yourself in hesitation mode about a decision of some sort, stop and check in with your intuition. Ask for clearer direction and trust that you are hesitating for a reason.

2) Watch your brain. When you are using your intuition, but are not listening to its direction, often your brain will kick in and try to offer an analytical reasoning…. Watch out for the brain and ego. For example, I have had situations where my gut was saying NO, NO, NO, but I listened to my mind telling me or selling me on why I should go forward and it turned out my intuition was completely right!

3) Things are not flowing. Do you ever make a decision and then find you are hitting continual road blocks or bumps in the road? This can be a big indication of not flowing with your intuitive road and decision making. When there is resistance, there is a reason. Once again check in with your intuition and ask for clearer direction.
When we combine all three of these traits in our day to day living, it is much easier to go with our gut and follow our intuition. 😊

From My Guides


Most people don’t know this about me. For many years I have been channeling both written and audio information from what I consider to be my guides. Call it what you will, guides, angels, sub-conscious mind, or other.  It happens in an almost downloadable way and sometimes I have trouble keeping up with the keyboard as it happens that fast. 🙂

Until this time I have shared some of my writings with a few select people and only occasionally. However, as per urging from this source, I am now ready to share more with the world.

It is my hope that if this helps you and you resonate with it in anyway, that is wonderful and if this is something that is beyond your belief system or liking, then that is okay too.

So here is a very short Q&A with my Source in response to a question asked on behalf of my Facebook friends. I hope you enjoy it and that it gives you some comfort.

Question from me:

I am wondering what message I can give for my friends who are looking for a message from the other side?


Oh little one it gives us great joy that you asked. Tell your friends that they are in our benevolent thoughts and that their prayers are being answered. Tell them to look for the signs that are gifted their way on a regular basis. Tell them that the more they see, the stronger the connection becomes to allow the communication from the Beloved, from the Divine, from all that is, in Love and Light and Beauty. Tell them to seek the Joy that they so much avoid. They are meant to be joyous beings but they have forgotten how to be.

We will send more information for those who are ready to receive it. Go in Love and in Light……

Be Like Bamboo!

Business person with bamboo

“As for the future: I’ll go on believing there is one – maybe even a happy one… Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure – the adventure is not over”.  Lauran Bascall

How we choose to see life now makes a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves and our lives. Do you tend to long for the past or the way things were? Or are you the kind of person who is creating your future in your mind?  Or have you mastered living in the present?

Whatever place we are at, it is always easier if we see the future through the eyes of Hope. Knowing that life is a roller coaster of ups and downs makes it interesting to say the least. We all go through struggles, disappointments, grief, etc., but it’s how we adapt that makes the difference.

I heard a Japanese proverb or such that says that “women are strong like bamboo”. This means that they are adaptable and bending as they go through life and all of life’s challenges. The more we can be adaptable and bendable the stronger we are. Just thinking of this theory, brings me comfort.

Being like bamboo means we also adapt to where we are now and how we see the future. Knowing we have been like bamboo in the past, means we can be strong in the future too. Let us trust in the adventure and remain like bamboo. is a Life & Business Coach who enjoys spending time in nature and at her Happy Place.