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Listen to The Gifts of Pain!

“Those pains you feel are messengers…. Listen to them.” Rumi

Pain Is a Doorway

Pain. Pain and suffering are inevitable things that we will experience here on Earth, regardless of how much we wish to avoid it.

I try to look at pain as a prompt especially if it’s emotional pain. What is this pain telling me? What is the message? Is there something that I want to be doing that I’m not? Am I fulfilled in my life, or is there something I feel that I am missing? Am I feeling overwhelmed? Under appreciated? What do I really want?

The questions that you can ask are endless but I encourage you to probe and search to see the message that pain has for you. And sometimes when our pain is physical it’s a prompt to make changes or to have more self care. There are always messages behind pain and suffering.

I’m going to do a voice audio right now to explain a little more about how we question ourselves and access our inner guide which is as a tool for higher insight. I will post the link below and be sure to have a great day everyone!

Here is the link to the audio recording

Listen to Ask Your Inner Guide.m4a by Maggie Holbik on #SoundCloud

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