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Me In Hawaii in 2018 – One of my Life’s Lists Adventures now completed and is where
I was introduced to the work of Mike Dooley from the movie “The Secret”

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As for me, I live in Canada and love to write. I often spend time at my lake house on the shores of Lake Superior where I am inspired to take pictures and to do my creative writing. I currently maintain and manage 3 blogs as well as preparing courses, e-books and articles to inspire and help others. 🙂

Currently I am on a journey with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and that is really added a depth to my work. I have been blogging about it and sharing about the journey and how one can find JOY even at a time like this.

Picture I took on 01 20 2020 “The View from my little house of inspiration on the shores of Lake Superior also fondly called ‘The Big Lake’

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Maggie’s Interview around continuing to live in JOY even with a dire ‘diagnosis’. Whether you or someone you know is in chronic pain, dealing with a debilitating illness, dealing with a suicide or just having a hard time in life, this video may be of benefit to you or someone you care about!