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The Art of Instant Forgiveness

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Anita Moorjani, author of “Dying to be Me” and more recently “What if THIS is Heaven”, on a recent FB Live Video had shared the concept of Self-Love rather than Self-Sacrifice. We are all good in the self-sacrifice department, but many of us fall down in the self-love arena, wouldn’t you agree?

I think the message of more self-love is an ever-important message, especially for the women of the world, who tend to take care of the needs of everyone else first and foremost.

One of the ways I personally am trying to practice self-love is by applying personal forgiveness. For example, when I have a thought such as I should not have said that, or did I really do that, or whatever thought that pops to mind that causes me feelings of unworthiness, regret, guilt, or shame, etc., I try to apply what I now call “Instant Forgiveness”.

In An Instant!

Lately I have been getting a profound understanding of the power of ‘in an instant’. This most likely stems from technology as in sending an email or a photo from one of my devices and seeing it received on another, at what seems to be the exact same time or instant. The witnessing of this has opened my mind and instilled a knowing in me that things can indeed happen instantly. I have come to believe that healing, forgiveness or letting go of something whether it’s a thought, a belief or a pattern does not have to be a long drawn out process. We can forgive ourselves in an instant if we make that our intention. Just think of that email sent across the world, in an instant and you know anything is possible… in an instant. 🙂


Everyday I am working on ways to practice more self-love. One of the best ways I have found is to take time to read from books like Anita’s current book, “What if THIS were Heaven?”. One of my favorite quotes from the book so far, is a message that was given to her when she found she had once again gotten lost in everyone’s pain and the woes of the world. It goes like this “Remember your only work is to love yourself, value yourself, and embody the truth of self-worth and self-love so that you can be love in action. That is true service, to yourself and to those around you.”

So today I leave you with the concept of “Instant Forgiveness” for yourself and others because the moment we forgive, we give to ourselves the gift of the release of pain and suffering. Let us forgive instantly and often so we can be the love that the world so needs right now.  Will you join me by practicing Instant Forgiveness and more Self-Love? Let’s do it for the world, shall we? 🙂

Maggie Holbik is a Life & Business Coach who believes that if you love life, if will love you back… now that’s the magic.

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Love is the Highest Vibration!


I just had to share this post I saw today on Facebook by two people who are out there spreading Love & Kindness, Denny & Courtney McNamara. You can follow their FB Page at
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and that you share it far and wide. The message is beautiful and much needed right now… Maggie
Tuesday’s Intuitive Tip
Love is the highest Vibration

When we love ourselves we heal the world. Did you know that in every present moment we can heal the pain from our past and insure a loving positive future if we choose love above all else?

The vibration of love is so powerful that it can stop war in its tracks, heal relationships and bring lovers back in union all in a heartbeat. Love curls your toes and makes you weak in the knees. Love brings unity to the planet and harmony to our souls. There isn’t a more sought after vibration than love.

Yet we fear it with everything we are. Why? It’s my belief that love destroys Ego. Ego and love are on different frequencies and therefore can’t be experienced at the same time. Therefore our Egos are in fear of losing control over our lives.

The only way to experience unconditional love is to fall crazy, madly and unconditionally in love with ourselves. Loving yourself will heal the pain that resides in the Ego. Practice self care, meditation, journaling, setting goals and boundaries and make time to nurture the most important love there is. Self love


3 Keys for Peaceful Living

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3 Keys to Peaceful Living……..

  • I don’t need to be Right! Right? We’ve all heard this before but it’s true, letting go of the need to be right about anything is absolutely freeing indeed! Who really cares anyway…. at the end of our lives it won’t matter what you were ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about anyway. Let it go now! Do it for freedom and peace of mind.
  • Become a master at dis-identifyng. Master the philosophy of “If it doesn’t make me happy, I don’t talk about it”. Recently on a trip with a close family member, we implemented this practice and WOW, although we were not perfect at it, we were easily able to adapt into this mode and let conversations go that did not inspire us with joy or happiness. We became good at flipping the switch and turning off the conversation. This was especially helpful at a time of political unrest. We were determined not to rob ourselves of joy when we could be relishing in blissful relaxation.  I say let’s adapt this mode always, for me anyways.
  • Practice the art of “Instant Forgiveness”. This goes back to not needing to be right. The minute you feel hurt or slighted, use the old saying “Forgive them, they know not what they do”… works like a charm. When you forgive instantly you do not waste one second or minute in pain or suffering. I am not referring to outright abuse here, but in the day to day living where we can choose to continually be offended or find reasons that people are ‘out to get us’. Let it go. We all know forgiveness is for us because it makes us not hurt anymore so the sooner we do it, the better we feel and the better we feel the more good we attract into our lives. Things can truly happen in an instant and they do not have to be a long drawn out process. Think of an email or sending a photo to a friend, it’s instant.   So forgive instantly, let it all go, and only speak of things that bring you joy, love and laughter, this my friends is  a recipe for peace! is a Life & Business Coach who believes that if you love life it will love you back!