“Life coaching has been an amazing experience for me. When I first met Maggie I was feeling very overwhelmed and disempowered in my life and career.

On a scale of “Joy to Fear” I was living with all my doors locked!!

Maggie helped me to put things into perspective and understand that I had much more power over my thoughts and feelings. If a thought does not serve me I can change it…. so simple!!

If I am surrounding myself with the very things that cause me to live in fear and unhappiness…. I can replace these things with things that bring me joy!

It all seemed so complicated and now with some awareness I can make changes that allow me to live a more joyful life.

There is freedom that comes with letting go of fear, quilt, worry, and anger that can sometimes seem to consume us.

Maggie once told me that I did not have to “define myself by my story”, my past was just that…… the past. This statement was very freeing for me. She gave me permission to let go of all that when I could not give myself permission to do so. One small statement and such freedom, clarity and understanding came from it.

“Who would you be without those thougths?” gets me through a lot of difficult moments throughout my day.

My time spent with Maggie has been a joy and a learning experience that I will cherish throughout my life”

Cathy Q.


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“I had been researching Life Coaches for well over a year now and was interested in working with one. Until Maggie, it just never felt quite right. But it “clicked” with her.

The reason I chose Maggie is because she is so genuine and caring. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable speaking with her. I knew that my secrets were safe with her – the real me was safe with her. Her sense of humour didn’t hurt either! She’s pretty remarkable really.

I’ve always felt that I’m on my way to “something or somewhere” and feeling increasingly stressed out that I didn’t know what or where. I’m still not sure of the final destination, but now I know that I’m looking forward to the journey!”

… Madge R.


Pretty picture with a link to sign up for Maggie’s FREE ebook for having more JOY in your life and work. #JOY