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A Very Special Date Night With Friends …

My Don, Me, Lorraine, and Don 🙂 #friends

Many of you know that every Friday night my husband and I are dedicated and committed, with JOY, to having a date night.

Well, last night was a little different than our normal date, and it was such a beautiful and welcome treat! We even brought JOY along with us… you can see from the pictures. This is my JOY Doll that I bring with me and also move around the house to remind myself that we bring JOY with us and we find the JOY. 🙂

We were invited to a friend’s house for appetizers and it was so nice because I haven’t been out in so long. The only place I’ve been going lately as I manage my Stage 4 Cancer ‘Diagnosis’ as well as recent Pandemic restrictions with visitations and the closure of businesses and such, is to my vitamin C IV therapy on Thursdays and a few grocery stores. I’m home most of the time and I really was starting to get where where I craved just sitting with people and eating food together and connecting through the heart.

Don and Lorraine are great friends to us. In fact earlier in the day Don plowed all of my snow and used the snow blower and shovel to make a path to my little lake house so that I could get out if I needed and my support workers could get in to help me.

We had the most lovely evening and we visited over appetizers. I had an APPETITE and I don’t always so this was really, really JOYful to me!

In fact, at one point I wept with JOY just for the experience and to be able to eat and sit with these beautiful people. I had to just stop and let my emotions pass which I have learned is OK to do. In fact it is necessary for healthy emotional Detox.

Human connection is so important for us and we need to have that. One of the things that I have found on my new journey, is that food is one of the most pleasurable and JOYous experiences here on Earth and it is something that I miss the absolute most when I cannot eat or cannot get an appetite.

I also have found it challenging to even try to explain to people what it feels like to just want to have an appetite! To just want to! You just want to be able to smell food and not have an adversion to it. You want to be able to salivate and prepare for the JOYous experience of eating and when you don’t have that it’s like one of the vital life forces has been taken from you.

Anyhow, my Friends last night I was lucky and I had it all, time with my favorite man, time laughter and sharing with good friends and food. I hope that you too take time for food and connection with others in your life and I love you all! And please enJOY this short audio clip that I have made just for YOU! Here it is:

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Sweet Friendships

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”

Proverbs 27.9 The message

Friendships are one of the greatest gifts in the world! Why is this so? For many reasons but I think a big one is because you feel supported.

In any relationship feeling understood and supported are both really important. A friend is often the perfect person to offer these gifts to you.

I really believe that in any relationship the best gift we can give each other is supporting each other in our wants and desires ie. “I want what you want for you!”. At least to me, this has been my greatest gift from my family, friends and even those I have met in my work. When we feel supported and we feel that our wants and desires are important, it truly is freeing and magical.

I hope that you too support yourself also. We need to be our own best friend and supporter. 🙂 Something to think about……

Maggie is enJOYing her work a an Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Coach and lately has been really appreciating all the support she has and continues to have in her life. She really believes that if you open your heart up and expand its reach, what comes back to you will be ten fold! Woo hoo and Oh ya!

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A View of The World from Two 12 Year Olds

Today I am sitting here with my 12 year old daughter Sivanna and her friend Robyn. While I was thinking of what I would blog about today, I thought hey why don’t I ask these two wise ones some questions about life.

Question #1
What excites you about the thought of your future?
Sivanna: Finding somebody like a husband or partner and making a family together that’s full of love and stuff.
Robyn: Making her own family with her husband.

Question #2
What makes you feel good?
Robyn: Being with my friends and family.
Sivanna: When I take my probiotics because when I’m not feeling well it makes me feel better.

Question #3
What makes a good friend?
Robyn: When they are like there for you and they are not mean and you have fun with them!
Sivanna: They respect you and your opinions and feelings.

Well I think these were some wise and interesting comments. It sounds to me that health and happiness in life come from loving and enjoying the people in our lives and also by respecting the thoughts and feelings of other people. Thanks girls for your insight and for sharing today.

Maggie is a Certified Life Coach and Nutritionist and a Mom. 🙂 She believes in love, family, and in letting the small stuff go so that the main things can be the main things like LOVE, Laughter, HOPE, Happiness and JOY!