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A Delightful Surprise

What JOY!

A week ago on a Friday night my hubby and I were enJOYing our date night at our Little Lake House on the shores of Lake Superior, when out of the blue some delightful carolers appeared on our back deck. Some I knew and some I did not. This turned out to be a specially planned event and it was beautiful indeed!

We opened the patio door and I sat on a chair inside with a blanket while they sang three songs to us. 1) Silent Night 2) Love Is Christmas and 3) Let It Snow.

They were all beautiful. I had tears streaming down my face for silent night and I loved the 2nd song “Love Is Christmas”. I had never heard that before. My Dad always loved “Silent Night” and that made it extra special. And of course “Let It Snow” is always great!

The whole experience was deeply moving but the most touching part of the experience was to see the kindness and compassion in each person’s eyes as they sang to me. It is a moment I will never forget and I will cherish always.

Thank you to these beautiful souls for this gift that I will always cherish.

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The Angels are Here NOW!

Today is 11:11:2020, and it is a powerful day for manifestation.

Lately I have been sharing a bit around how I am feeling that a HUGE shift is happening and signs are everywhere to confirm all of this.

On Monday of this week I saw the most vibrant rainbow that I have ever seen. It was so big and so close that it was impossible to capture the entire thing in one picture. And it was also a double rainbow!

Here is a snip of it and of course the picture does not do it justice.

A vibrant rainbow over a house on Nov. 9, 2020

Now the extra cool sign that came today was the result of a new online summit I am in, called the “21-Day Angel Adventure” with Lorna Byrne where we got to meet our guardian angel, and we did get to do that yesterday! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, in our Facebook this morning, one of the members shared this wonderful post and it was an AMAZING sign for all of us and I am sure it will be for you too!

Here is what Abhishek, one of our members shared with us:

“So, I was on my terrace, watching the video replay, and asked the angels for an irrefutable sign. I looked up at the sky toward my right, and saw a cloud-formation that somewhat looked like an angel. But not so well defined.

I told my angels… “Nah! That would not do, I need a sign that is obvious, a sign that I simply cannot deny!”

The next moment I turned my head and looked at the sky to my left, and when I saw this, I was left speechless.

I want to add that apart from these wings-shaped clouds, the sky was cloudless. This formation seemed to appear out of nowhere.”

Are those not amazing signs? I sure think so!

And it gets better, when I went to look at this post in the group this is what I saw so I took a screenshot.

Now if you know me you know I love the number 333 especially. I believe that when we see this number, we are getting extra support from the divine so it was perfect for me to see this!

I hope that you are as inspired by this siting as much as I was and I am so thankful that Abhishek allowed me to share these pictures with you.

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The Past is Real or is it?

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You Never Know When Angels Will Appear

My cracked front steps with a portion appearing as an angel.

I was walking down my front steps today and on the bottom step there appeared an angel. This stopped me in my tracks and made my heart smile.

It reminded me that sometimes life is tough and we get worn down, like these steps, and that at times angels appear in our lives to helps us.

Angels come in many forms. There are the spirit angels and also the human angels… the people that give us a random smile when we need it most… the person who helps us to quell our fears when they appear…. the kind ladies at the bakery who give a cookie to each child that comes in….. the person who forgives us when we need it most…. the person who brings over a lasagna when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one…. yourself when you have compassion for yourself…..

You see these angel appearances are everywhere and when you start to look you will see them more and more. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are hurting today or you need a kind word, please let me be your Angel today. I send YOU… yes YOU the you that is reading these words right now… I send YOU Blessings and Love and HOPE and Strength. I send all of these things to you.

With MUCH Love,


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A Message from Your โ™ฅ Valentine’s Angels โ™ฅ

A picture I took this morning of 3 angels in my kitchen window along with a golden heart in a hand placed in the center

Happy Valentine’s Day and MUCH Lโ™ฅVE โ™ฅ To All!

I took this picture this morning of my 3 Angels in my kitchen window. When I took the picture I asked for Spirit to show and it appears it did. Look at that glow!

I added in the heart in the hand because I want to exemplify a point I felt my angels were sharing with us today. And here it is…….

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Communicating With Loved Ones in The Spirit World

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

I was just listening to a FB Live with Anita Moorjani and she was talking about receiving signs from the other side. I thought with many of us no longer having our Dads with us here on the earthly plane this was timely information for Father’s Day.

I am just going to share a few points here . One cool one is that Anita says the easiest way to receive messages from your deceased loved ones is when you are in JOY. Why is that? Because when you are happy and in JOY, your frequency is lighter and higher so it is easier for them to communicate with you. If we are sad or depressed it is harder for us to receive the beautiful signs and messages because our energy is denser and heavier. Where our deceased loved ones are is where true freedom and peace and LOVE are so that frequency is very high.

Now Anita stressed NOT to feel bad if you are feeling sad or depressed and to never beat yourself up for this, but just to understand that this difference in frequency does make a difference in the ability to receive. So my take is that the best thing we can do is do actively work at our happiness and JOY which will allow us to receive these messages easier and of course our deceased loved ones would want us to be happy anyway. We all know this!

The other point she made is that it is a paradox. The more you try to receive messages and signs, the less you will because you are in resistance. What you resist persists, as the saying goes. So just work at raising your frequency, being happy, and being open to any divine gifts and signs that may come your way.

I am so honored to have so many beautiful angels and guides on the other side that regularily send me divine signs and messages and Happy Father’s Day to you Dad up in Heaven. I just heard your laugh… I felt it in my heart. Thank you! Much LOVE to you and I am receiving all of your LOVE right now!

Maggie is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Coach, and Board Certified Nutritionist who loves to receive the divine gifts that she receives daily.

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