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Grieving Over Losing A Pet

One of the hardest things ever is losing a pet…….

If you have recently lost a pet, you know how hard this can be. As a Life Coach who gets to hear my client’s deepest and most endearing feelings, losing a pet is one of the most painful experiences one can have and yes it can be akin to losing a loved one. Love is love and love has no boundaries.

One of the most challenging realities of being a pet owner is that our pet’s lives are so short and yet they pack so much love into those short years.

Losing a pet is more than losing a pet. Losing your beloved pet is also losing an endeared companion, a trusted friend, a great listener, a helper of lowering your stress and a booster of love in your life!

And unfortunately there are many people in life who do not understand the depth of our loss when it comes to losing our furry family member. Have you ever heard comments like “Just get over it”. Or “I don’t understand… it was only a dog”. These are from people who TRULY do not understand this intense grief. This is why I am sharing here a great resource that I found to help you through the loss of your pet.

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All of this and more in Using Robin Jean Brownโ€™s Dependable ROAR Method. I will enclose the link for more info below!

And please if you are reading this and have lost your beloved companion, I am sending you so much LOVE and sincere condolences. I hope that this resource helps you out in some way. I know it can never bring your pet back, but it is my HOPE that you can get some relief from your pain and suffering…..

โ€œRobin, when I lost my dog after 11 wonderful years, I was devastated. I felt all alone without my beloved companion. When I tried talking to people, they would laugh and tell me itโ€™s just a dog.After reading your guide and doing the exercises, Iโ€™m feeling tremendously better than before. Iโ€™m still grieving, but Iโ€™m thankful that now I have a helpful resource to comfort me.โ€Jennifer T.
South Carolina
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Oh How I Love Thee

My Bella

As many of you know, I adore Facebook memories and go to them every morning. They are such a nice journal for life.

Anyhow, this morning before I checked my FB memores I was lying in bed with my Bella on top of me. I was lying on my side and she was sitting on my side with her head toward my head. I took this picture of it…

Me in bed with Bella the cat on top of me. Her head resting on my shoulder and arm.

I was basking in our mutual love and loving the warmth of her tiny body on mine. It takes me back to the days of my tiny child on top of me and it warms my heart when those memories flood through.

There is nothing better than a tiny body snuggled in bed with you and then to top it off with an angelic voice from a tiny munchkin. Ahhh so sweet it is!

But in this case it is purrs and that is just as angelic.

When I opened my FB memories, I saw this.

A screenshot of a FB memory that this was the day I got my Bella 7 years ago and the two scary things that happened that day. 1) we thought she was lost in the furnace vents and 2) we thought she was lost outside

I remember this day well 7 years ago. It was like having a new baby but the baby could walk. LOL

I reflected this morning on how much JOY Bella gives us and the LOVE she brings into our house.

When my daughter was a baby my friend Helen said to me something to the effect of “Every house should have a four legged friend” or something like that and I took her words to heart and made it happen, along with the Universe lining it up for me from a mutual friend on Facebook, Sandi Boucher.

Sandi had posted that Bella and her brothers had been rescued from the bush and needed homes. Sivanna, my daughter who was 7 at the time, and I went to pick out the kitten we wanted and well the rest is history. Bella came home that day and it has been wonderful and wonderfilled. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am learning in life and through my studies, that LOVE is the universal pull that attracts to us all of the good and glory. The more we live in LOVE, the more beauty and awesomeness is attracted to us.

Pets help to be that conduit of LOVE so that the circuits of our life light up with LOVE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

I know not everyone can have a pet for various reasons, but if you can it is so worthwhile. I really believe they are gifts from the Gods to bring us JOY an to fill and overflow our hearts with that unconditional love that we all seek.

Have a Blessed day everyone!

I give these to Bella with her wet food. She loves it! All pets love this stuff! Just read the reviews and you will know why.

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  • Combat free radicals
  • May help maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • May help maintain healthy circulation
  • May help maintain joint flexibility
  • May help promote cardiovascular health
  • May help support visual health/visual acuity
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  • Supports normal nitric oxide levels
  • Supports normal blood glucose levels
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