Five Years From Now

I am in a live streaming video challenge that runs for the next week. Today is day one and the topic is โ€œWhere Will You Be in 5 Yearsโ€?

I had to think on this one and is the reason why I am writing this blog post prior to doing the live stream. I have come to live in the moment so it was a challenge for me to project 5 years from now.

I decided I will just see myself having MORE. One of my favorite sayings is โ€œThere is No Road to Happiness, Happiness is the Roadโ€. So, I see myself expanding on the things that currently bring me Joy and make me happiest. I will have more love, more happiness, more joy, more meditation, more yoga, more time in nature, and more of whatever resonates with me. I see everything that I love about my life getting richer and deeper in its essence. I know that when I love life, it always loves me back. ๐Ÿ™‚

On the flip side, I see LESS. This is less worry, less fear, less caring about what other people think, less clutter, and less of anything that does not serve me or bring me Joy. I laugh because I spent a lot of my life acquiring โ€˜thingsโ€™ and now I realize all I want is โ€˜spaceโ€™. I think of this often and apply to all aspects of my life.

As many of you know I use a technique to easily see what I want in life and to see what is a current priority. Itโ€™s the old lady in the rocking chair technique. You simply visualize yourself at the end of your life, rocking in the chair and reflecting back on this time in your life. You ask the old lady (you) any question you want and she will answer immediately and without hesitation. For example, you might ask โ€œShould I have taken that trip I always wanted to Hawaii?โ€. She will answer from the heart and minus the mental clutter and internal arguments. The heart always knows.

In summation, I will follow my life philosophy of Love is All There Is, Live Fearlessly and Be in Joy as much as you can. I will work on expanding more Love and letting it flow each and every day.