I think I know you?


Today, during a trip to the grocery store, I stopped to give a homeless man some money. He looked me in the eye and said “Thank You”. I said “You’re Welcome” with a smile on my face. In that moment I thought to myself, this guy looks familiar. My rational mind then did its thing and told me I did not know him and why it was not possible.

In the next moment I had an AH HA moment. I truly got a deeper sense of the phrase ‘we are all one’. My spiritual self believes that we are all indeed one, but even with the removal of that belief, even for a brief moment, I had a new enlightenment about this.

Often when I travel and especially in airports, I think I see people I know. I then realize that oh yes I am in a different city, state, or country, and then I realize of course I do not know that person. But wait. Do I?

Yes, perhaps I do and we all do. Perhaps we have been the Mom juggling the child on her hip and pushing another in an umbrella stroller with bags to tow also. Perhaps we have been the lady or man in the chair crying because they have just lost a loved one and are travelling to attend their funeral. Perhaps we have been travelling for a special medical appointment because we have just gotten the scariest diagnosis ever. Perhaps we have been the excited bride on her way to a beachfront wedding. Perhaps? Perhaps?

I think I know you might be some very powerful words worth reflecting on. I think I know you may induce compassion, kindness, caring and love for our fellow man, woman, and children. I think I know you could change the world if we saw it this way.

I think I know you?



Why I Have an Un-Bucket List

my un-bucket list red

For most of us, life gets so busy and we spend a lot of time doing things we don’t want to be doing, or not doing what we want to be doing.

For myself, I have an ongoing Un-Bucket list. Yep, these are things, places, experiences, etc. that I take OFF my list. This is the opposite of the ‘To-Do List’, it’s the ‘Not-To-Do List’.

For example, my spouse and I recently tried a new restaurant for a change from a regular favorite. This new restaurant is now on our Un-Bucket list. We tried it but we just did not get the same joy at this particular restaurant verses our favorite.

Both life itself and time are precious commodities. I personally never want to waste another minute doing anything that I have to trudge through.  I see any time that I give up to do something, as sacred. I like to think of an hour of my life being worth a million dollars, because to me it is. I love life and participating in it.

There are others ways that I have added to my Un-Bucket list as well. I always had a dream to play the piano and when I finally had a daughter I thought my dream was about to come true. She and I would take piano lessons. Marvelous Darling!  We did and I loved the music but practicing was something we had to force for both of us, and we decided to take this one off of our list. The joy factor was not great enough for either of us, but I am glad I experienced it.

It was the same for water color painting. I took an 8-evening class or so and created a nice piece, but I found myself forcing myself once again. I now know that when anything feels forced, it is not flowing for me.

Now writing I love! Social Media I love. Helping entrepreneurs and business owners with ideas to increase profits and get their messages out there, I absolutely love. It thrills me in fact. I can use my gift of creativity and expression to help others live their passions and do to good in the world. What’s not to love?

On a final note, the Life Coach in me, truly believes that it is important to try the things or experiences you wish to have. By trying them, it becomes a form of completion so that we do not get to the end of our lives and have regrets. Done that, did it, kind of thing.

My wish for all of you reading this, is that you make the time to do the things you love and that you love the things you do.

Maggie Holbik.com is a Life & Business Coach who has a passion for helping others in both Life & Business.

You can contact her at MaggieHolbik@gmail.com

Here is my water color. I do enjoy looking at it because I find it pretty and it is a constant reminder to follow my Bliss. 🙂

My Picture


Heart Verses Mind

Difficult choice. Businessman balance Heart And Mind. Isolated

Use your mind as a tool. Recognize that through the mind’s eye you can see and access the gate to hell or the gate to freedom. Hell, for lack of a better word, is simply being trapped in a mind that sees the pain and the negativity. Hell is comprised of focusing on the pain and the suffering and leads from a victim stand point. People can become prisoners of their own mind. It has been said that the greatest torture one can experience is to be locked away somewhere with only their own mind.

Being locked in one’s mind and trapped in negativity is like being in a cell with the bars of the cell comprised of fear and suffering.

Our mind is a tool just like money is a tool. They both can be used to build something or destroy something. We need to use our minds wisely.  The easiest way to do this, is to lead with the heart and use the mind for its capacity as an orchestrator of our thoughts. Our heart is truly the orchestrator but the mind can be used as a workshop for our thoughts, helping us to create our so called realities.

The heart cannot lie, only the mind can. Ego is famous for leading the mind astray, but the heart never lies.  To live in heaven or nirvana here on earth, we can ask over and over again “What would my heart say?” Does my heart lift or drop when I ask that question? This could be any question. Someone asks you to go for lunch with them? Lift or drop? Someone asks you to volunteer for something. Lift or drop?

The heart always knows. We need to listen to our hearts and use the mind to get things done. We need to be the master of our minds, leading from the heart and not the ego.

Love gives the heart a spritz of joy. When we see, focus, and bring into our site, beauty and joy, it charges our heart with more energy and expands our loving frequency. We literally become “larger than life”. So we need to get out of mind, into our heart and let the divine process flow freely.

Seek Beauty


Living with No Regrets

Side view of serene woman sitting on sandy beach against blue sky outdoors

A conversation I had with my daughter 2 days ago on the topic of my going out to my cottage and her staying at home with her Dad. It went something like this:

Me: “Mom is going to the camp tomorrow.”

Sivanna: “I don’t want you to go.”

Me: “But my soul needs it.”

Sivanna: “Can’t you tell your soul NO?”

Me: “No honey, I can’t.”

I have a new philosophy lately which involves living without regrets. It is a little tool I now use to remind me of what is important to me. It also encourages me to pursue those wants and desires. I see it as if I don’t do it, or do not follow my passion for something I want to do or experience, I may end up resentful. I understand that this will not be healthy for myself,  for those in my life, and the world at large.

They say resentment is the emotion that eats away at us and I believe it to be true.

It is so so important for us to honor ourselves and our time here on earth. It is a short journey really. If we can follow our joy and be excited about life, I think that is wonderful. The more we can get excited and honor our desires, the more we spread the feeling of joy, and also allow others to follow their joy.

I am doubly glad that I am following this way of being to not only add more peace, love, joy and less resentment in my own life, but I am also teaching my daughter that her wants and desires matter and are important. To me, this is a great accomplishment as a mother and a guide for this beautiful soul.