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Best ORB Picture Yet

I love orbs and have been capturing them in my pictures for years.

I know a lot of people have their opinion on what an orb is and that many times they are considered ‘backscatter’ in pictures. What is backscatter?

According to Wikipedia:

I for one, believe that many of these orbs are spirt orbs. I especially believe this because the ones I have captured have occurred a lot around music, children, animals, and in places where one might expect a spirit to be present.

This is my favorite orb picture that I have captured to date It was in a teepee several years ago at Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

A picture looking up into a tee pee full or beautiful and magnificent orbs

I would love to see any of your orb pictures as well. I am working on a page here on my blog where I will load my most favorite orbs pics. This will be a work in progress and I have to go back and find them all but it will be fun to do!

It is fun to go through old picture and to turn them into digital.

Have a great day everyone!