I Woke Up With a Bursting Heart!

heart bursting

This morning I was inspired in my sleep to wake up, get up, and to write this blog post. I was so excited I was BURSTING!!! I am one of those people whose mind and heart never stops working. When I get excited about something I feel it bursting out through my heart center and when I feel this sensation I know I must share it.

I truly believe that life is about serving others and making a difference and that is why my dream inspired me to share why I personally love what some people call being in ‘Sales’. I like to call it SALES…. or Sharing Awesome LOVE Everyday with Someone! Call it what you will, it’s the best thing you could ever do or be in as far as I am concerned.

As my acronym states, everyday I get to share awesome love with someone somewhere. I get to offer benefit and improvement to someone’s life and that benefit or improvement may continue to work in that person’s life everyday moving forward.

Whether I am selling a nutritional product, a coaching package, or my recent offering of a hair mineral analysis which tests the hair for heavy metals and mineral imbalances in the body, I am helping to change people’s lives! What’s not to love? How LUCKY am I?

It truly perplexes me why anyone would see the sales with a negative connotation. I fully embrace and am honored that I can perform this role for my fellow teammates here on planet earth. 🙂 I am pumped, over-joyed and thrilled about it!!!

If I can help to make a difference in someone’s life to feel better, be healthier, understand themselves more, have more Joy, worry less, improve their health, look better, feel better…… etc. etc. etc., of course I would help them. Why wouldn’t I? In fact, I am excited to help people. I want to do more and more and more of that! I get so excited about it, it wakes me up and brings me to the keyboard. 🙂

I believe if we are alive and breathing here on earth we are in sales. It is our job to serve each other and to make a difference in the lives of others. Do it with Love, do it with Kindness and if you are in the field deemed ‘Sales’ do it with honesty and excitement, and with the intent to make a difference, and you WILL make a difference. Serving others is a gift that we are all born with and it is the gift of life. When we both share this gift and receive this gift we get to experience the magic of it.

Children are the best ‘sales people’ on earth. They are naturals. They get excited about things and they share it. Whether they just found the coolest rock or they want the candy they see on that low lying shelf at the grocery store, they are going to let you know loud and clear. They will show and tell you why they should have it or why that rock is the most exciting rock on planet earth. 🙂 They naturally share their exuberance and delight.

If you are someone who is reading this and has an offering for the world that you share on a regular basis, I encourage you to get excited about it. Do it with LOVE and with an intent to make a difference and most of all own what you do and be proud of it. It is an HONOR to be able to make a difference in the live’s of others.

Maggie Holbik.com is a Life & Business Coach and Certified Nutritionist who loves what she does and helps other people and business owners to love their lives and to love what they have to offer the world.


Live Every Moment in the Present and with DELIGHT!

I think sometimes in life we tend to ‘begin with the end in mind’ and it stops us from having Joy in the moment or in the ‘Now’.

Whether someone is planning a trip, going on a date with a new person, taking a new course, or even starting a new job, they will often analyse the situation to death and try to foresee all potential outcomes of the experience. Their thinking becomes so clouded with variables, that they miss the gift of the experience and especially miss the opportunity to delight in a new experience.

By being open to adventure and to new opportunities without expectations or without seeing the potential of an end result, we are in a much better place to receive the Joy of the experience.

Moving forward, why not be more open to new experiences in and of themselves? Perhaps keep in mind that it is an experience and a mere moment in time. The only constant we have in life is change itself. So if the said experience is enjoyable and you want to continue with more experiences like that one, you can, and if you find that it was not as pleasant as you would have liked, you can chose to make changes and/or pursue other experiences. The most important point is to go into the experience without trying to figure everything out ahead of time, which clouds and negates the evolution of the experience.

One of my favorite examples is people when they are dating. They worry about all the details of thinking ahead to see if they are compatible with that person. Just go on the date and be open to delighting in the experience! Let the evolution of the experience lead the way for you to know more, knowing you are free to change course at any given time in your life.

Enjoy…. Be Open…. Delight in Them!…..

Maggie Holbik.com is a Certified Life Coach and Nutritionist who loves helping people to find Joy in everyday ordinary experiences and to clarify what is important for them to live the satisfying life for them.


A Rose from Heaven


I love signs from the other side and especially this one! My new cousin by marriage, shared this memory today on Facebook and I was like “eww I gotta share this!” It is such a beautiful example of the love that is always pouring through and for us from our deceased loved ones.

Amanda was today remembering that it has been two years since her father passed. By request she shared with me what happened two years ago when he passed. I will let her tell the story in her own beautiful words.

The red rose…

Something my mama always used to tell me is how my dad loved to give my mama roses when they were together. He even spoke of it often, how roses were his thing, my father the hopeless romantic. It was only fitting that before we said goodbye for the last time we laid long stem roses on his casket. After we left we went to go see the Oregon coast, my dad used to talk to me about how beautiful the coast was and I was too close to miss it. And oh how beautiful it was! I walked away from everyone for a bit walking along the beach, a bit torn. My heart missed my dad. No more early morning calls. No more stories of when my dad traveled the country. And while the very last words to my dad was I love you and he said he loved me too, I wasn’t sure he KNEW…. I didn’t know if he really really knew how much I loved him. I started to cry and as I walked along I started to talk to him. Telling him how much I hoped he knew that I really did love him. Then I looked up and washed up on the beach was a single long stem rose. My daddy, sent a rose…. to let me know that he knew. That he loved us too. He sent us a rose from Heaven.

Amanda Larsen

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful story of love and signs from the divine, as much as I did. I would love to hear from you about the gifts you have received from the other side where the love is endless and is sent our way always…

Maggie Holbik.com is a Certified Life Coach, Nutritionist, and lover of life, who resides in Northwestern Ontario, Canada and believes in Love and Divine Blessings…. she is always open to seeing them and believing in them.


Life Everywhere

I took this picture somewhere in my travels over the years and when I look at it, it reminds me of life being all around us. I find when we start to connect and to appreciate our own divinity, we also wake up and become aware of the divine essense that is all around us.

I find that the more that I am tapped into nature the more I can feel the frequency of its life force just as I feel my own. In my daily yoga practice I do a short conscious relaxtion segement when at one point, you put your hands on your throat. Whenever I do this I especially feel connected to my own divinity and life force. I think for me, it is especially moving, as I consider myself a lover of communicating and expressing myself, so to feel the vibrations in my neck and pulse, is extra magical and it reminds me of the gift of life itself.

What about you? Do you find yourself seeing and connecting to the life and aliveness that is around you? Perhaps it is through flowers, or sunshine, or by observing your pet or sleeping baby. Aliveness is all around us and is a beautiful reminder of the gift of life itself.

I hope you go today in Love and Aliveness and that you are open to receive the gifts that are all around you and are just waiting for you to observe and appreciate them.


Rainy Day Yoga Reflections

Today’s yoga was at the cottage in front of the fire. What a delightful place to do my daily yoga on a rainy day.

As I was doing my yoga I was reflecting on how yesterday I was able to step right up onto our pontoon boat verses last summer where I needed help or a small ladder!

In that moment I was so grateful that I take the time everyday to do even a short 15-minute yoga session. It has truly changed my life in many ways but especially when it comes to flexibility and movement.

Sometimes we don’t realize or even notice the benefits of small daily disciplines until they surprise us with big benefits like the surprise I had yesterday.

I always try to remember that little improvements or additions to my daily health regiment can and do make a difference and that it’s worth it. I hope you feel encouraged by this as well. 🙂

And I hope you are all enjoying your day whether rain or shine. 🙂



sun burst

I am so excited, I am bursting with JOY! Why? Because I am working on a brand new coaching package for people who would like to give Life and/or Nutritional Coaching a try.

So many people are looking to enhance their life through finding more peace, joy and better nutrition and I am developing just the package that will give them the best bang in all those areas and the best bang for their money! I want this package to be so irresistible that everyone who needs or wants it, will get so much value that they will indeed be unable to resist it. 🙂 That way they can start on the road to an AMAZING life filled with all the joy and vitality that they can squeeze in. 🙂

I hope this sounds good because I am indeed working on making it SOOOO good! I have always been a person who has taken care of any customers that I have had for anything, and I’m not stopping now in my coaching practice. My new coaching clients are going to benefit from ongoing support, added value education, discounts, freebies, and more!

Okay well I better get back to working on that package… I was just too excited not to share for a minute. Stay tuned…..


Amazing Day!

I’m having one of those amazing days. I have gotten so much accomplished this morning and everything it’s happening in perfect timing.

Not to mention, not only am I getting parking spots, but I’m getting my favorite parking spots and my favorite table in one my favorite restaurants. And they have my favorite salad dressing that is not always available.

I love this example of how the universe responds to a chain of events. When we believe and expect things to work out they do, and we attract synchronicity and more of the same energy …..it just keeps rolling!!!!

Go Universe!!!!!