The Power of Pets

The Power of Pets
There is a video link at the end of this post that sums up the love and loyalty that can happen between a pet and an owner. It also shows how one animal can impact, in a positive way, the lives of many. Animals are pure love and they ignite the love within ourselves. We resonate with this at our very core because this is what we are at our essence, love. Take a minute to watch this video I ran across this morning, as it is quite beautiful and truly shows the power of love and loyalty.

On another note, recently we got a kitten and named her 'Bella'. Bella is about six months old now and is a huge part of the family. This was a picture of her just before we brought her home.

Baby Bella


There is something about the energy and love that an animal brings to a home. In fact, last night, my friend Helen dropped by and commented on this. She said something to the effect, “There is just something about walking into a house, especially when there are children present, but missing a pet. It just seems incomplete.” I had to agree because  since acquiring Bella, the combined energies and attention paid to each and every member in the household is truly raising the love vibe in our house. It feels complete!

My 7 year old Sivanna shows Bella kindness, cares for her and is thrilled to show Bella to her friends! We also feel so wonderful that we took Bella in as she was found abandoned with her 2 siblings in the cold bushes of Northwestern Ontario. The good news is they have all since found homes! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is thanks to #SandiBoucher, a local author and motivational speaker, who orignaly brought them to town.

Sivanna often mentions the fact about how glad she is that we have Bella, especially since she was found outside. It seems very important to her. As a mother, I am grateful for the teachings she has so gladly received on compassion, caring, and loving other creatures on earth.


Sivanna often also remarks to me about how good it is that I feed our outdoor animal friends such as the birds and the squirrels that come to our house. She explains to me the importance of helping them when it is so cold and their food supply is limited.


We really enjoy watching all the critters share and take turns at the offering. The big black crows have a turn, then the squirrel comes and while he takes to tree to eat his offerings, others birds enjoy.

I love that we can co-exist on our planet with all creatures and truly believe my land is not “my land”, but a place for all of it’s inhabitants to co-exist and enjoy the gift of each other.

Enjoy the video! Here’s the link:


Anita Moorjani on Buddah at the Gas Pump

Anita Moorjani on Buddah at the Gas Pump


I spent some time today listening to an interview by Rick Archer from The Buddah at the Gas Pump. He was interviewing one of my most favorite authors, Anita Moorjani. I absolutely love Anita’s story about her near death experience and the wonderful insight she gleaned from that experience.

I was once again reminded of the importance of listening to the pull of our hearts when making decisions in life. I am an advocate of doing whatever I can to live more fearlessly and in joy so listening to my heart and it’s calling, resonates with me deeply.  When we listen with heads, we tend to lead with fear. The fear of what might happen, or not happen, what we have or do not have, consequences, and on it goes.

When we listen to the pull of our hearts we are dancing with our soul and our inner callings and we are listening with passion and with purpose. An easy way to do this is to use the ‘Lift or Drop’ question. When you ask your internal self a question, or you think about an idea, or of a potential course of action, does your heart lift and rise or does it drop? This is an amazingly easy way to check in with your soul.

When we listen to our heads and our egos become engaged, it really can become a battlefield that often leads nowhere or to more fear. By listening and making decisions from our heart space, our true essence leads the way and we can then become the grandest versions of our authentic selves!

My wish for everyone is that you listen to your hearts, lead with love, and live in joy.


7 Tips to Keep your Kids Healthy & Happy in 2014



  1. Make a point of spending time in nature.  All kids love nature and not only enjoy spending time in it, but they also learn a tremendous amount by being in nature.  Involve your children in making a schedule that includes spending time in nature and in the outdoors. This could be as simple as your back yard, heading to the park, or as extensive as planning an all day hike, or week-long camping trip. Get creative and make it an adventure. Be sure to include planning and preparation of healthy snacks so you can teach self โ€“reliance, proper planning and a host of other life-value skills.  The best part to this one is that this usually does not cost a lot of money if any at all!
  2. If you have a family pet, involve your child in the care taking of that pet. Teach them care taking skills and the sense of responsibility that goes into nurturing and caring for animals. Involve them in routine visits to the Vet and be sure to make the visits as light and carefree as you can.  Children learn from our actions and our way of being, not from our words.  Teach them how to care for others on the planet, including our furry friends. Teach also to have fun in all of this and that routine things like check-ups and appointments can also be events in our lives that are opportunities for joy and laughter rather than mundane or scary.svet23. Look back at the past year and remember the things that brought both you and your family the most joy and the most happiness. What were the highlights? Was it the family vacation? The lazy Saturday mornings? Baking a cake together? Identify those things and plan MORE of them this year! Teach your children to do the things that bring them joy and to make time for them. This includes YOU. What brings you joy? Do more of it! We cannot teach what we do not know. Life is short. The happier and more joyful your frequency is, the happier and more joyful your children and your entire family will be.


    4. Teach your kids to roll with the punches and that most of what we think matters in life, matters not.  At our essence we are all just wanting to be loved, happy and healthy. We spend most of our lives searching for things outside of ourselves, when the answers we are seeking have been within all along. The greatest gift we can give our children is for them to know they are perfectly okay exactly as they are and that really everything is okay underneath it all and there is nothing we have to be, do or have. We just need to learn to live with passion, be free to be who we are, and the outcome will be magical. We will naturally gravitate to our calling and have lives that work by going with the flow of the universe rather than against it.



    5. Teach your children that one of the most important things they can do for maintaining physical health is learn to live in Joy and also to boost their immune system.  It is now being well documented that feelings of positivity and joy strengthen the bodyโ€™s immune system. Teach your children also the power of eating foods that are dense in nutrients and teach them how to make food choices that are healthy and offer a variety of nutrients. Get them involved in choosing and preparing nutritious snacks and meals.Image 

    Teach them how to prevent illness and disease rather than teaching the common band aid approach of administering a pill to fix the problem. Let them learn to be empowered and to take charge of their health and their involvement in it.

    6. Money is simply a tool in life. A necessary tool but a tool none the less. Teach them this. Teach them that it is a seed and can grow just like any seed. Teach them to manage money and to spend wisely.  My daughter bought a $1 item from a machine and was very disappointed in the value she received. This was a perfect opportunity for me to explain to her that if she had kept that same dollar, it could have one day grown into $100 or even $1000 and she could have bought many more things. Or that she could later use that money to make more money, just like planting the seeds of fruits and vegetables.   But the seed is spent and gone it can never grow into anything.  This simple $1.00 story has truly impacted her thinking when she chooses to spend money

    7. Most of all, make YOU a priority. Lead by example and show the way.  Adopt an attitude that the world is a happy place and share this with your children. There is far too much fear and darkness. We need to be the beacons of light for our children. Laugh, love and lead by example.  Show and share with them the beauty that is all around us and let your inner child be unleashed as well!

    Maggie Holbik is a Life Purpose and Career Coach. She has an interest in the well -being of children and adults alike.  Her passion is to help people to live authentic lives that are joyful and meaningful and that leave fear outside the doorstep.