7 Key Benefits of an Online Business from a Business Owner’s Point of View


7 Key Benefits of an Online Business from a Business Owners Point of View

1)      Levels the Playing Field

You are invisible which is cool!  Most of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt and insecurity at some point in our lives and in our businesses as well. The beauty of having an online business presence is that it truly levels the playing field .  No one physically sees you!  Everyone is equal and self-judgment, appearances, etc. can be virtually wiped out.  A business owner can be free to express who they truly are and it does not matter what they look like, are wearing, or where they are sitting. They are free to operate from the very space of creativity and productivity without the barriers of personal judgments.

2)      Little Overhead.

There is very little overhead to conducting an online business.  Gone are the days of endless paper  marketing materials, supplies and stock.  A business owner can virtually manage an entire operation without a single physical product or piece of paper.  With the option of using affiliates and other people’s products and shipping systems you can virtually be a conduit to business success.  Access to the internet is about the biggest requirement and even that can be done at a local library! There is no physical overhead either. Unlike traditional businesses of the past, having a business online means no need for a brick and mortar location. This also means no need for physical liability insurance for employees, overhead costs such as electricity, heating, and all other overhead involved with a brick and mortar operation.

3)      Work Anywhere!

Without a doubt this has to be the biggest advantage in an online business. Work from a Starbucks, a local library, in your p.j.s, on the beach, at the lake, beachofficesnack
or while traveling the world. Your office is portable and it goes with you wherever you choose.

4)      Free Marketing Promotion

There are so many places to market  yourself on the internet and many are free!  With the power of Social Media and Networks, Directories, Free Classifieds, Writing Articles, Email Campaigns and more, you can virtually market yourself 24/7. Gone are the days of mailings, expensive print copy and hefty yellow page ads!

5)      Leveraging Promotion

People love to help people!  And what better way than through online sharing.  Sharing is caring and this is the power of personal promotion from friends, fans and even strangers. When you offer value and service from your business, people will benefit from it and spread the good news.  The secret is to add value, valuable content, and to be of service to the world.

6)      Essence

One of the awesome aspects of expressing your business and yourself through the internet is that you can express yourself and allow the world to see your beauty, creativity and uniqueness. I, personally, consider myself a “Communication Artist” and Social Media is my canvas to express myself and to share and connect with the world.

7)      Global Market

And last but not least, the most powerful aspect of conducting business online is that you now have a Global Market.  You are now tapped into International Business with the click of a mouse!  Never before in history have times been as exciting as they are now.  The use of personal tablets and mobile devices are enabling online commerce to happen all the time, everywhere!  Join the greatest revolution ever and maximize on the hottest marketing systems ever  and now available to everyone!????????????????????????????????????????

Maggie Holbik is a Life & Business Coach who enjoys working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them to maximize their marketing efforts online. She has a successful online business and assists others in tapping into the wonderful world of Social Commerce. Maggie is currently assisting individuals in the United States, Canada and Mexico to launch turn-key online businesses. If you would like to explore the option of starting an online business from the comfort of your home and with top notch, full-proof mentorship submit an email to maggieholbik@gmail.com with “Interested in Online Business” in the Subject Line. Her websites are
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