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A Delightful Surprise

What JOY!

A week ago on a Friday night my hubby and I were enJOYing our date night at our Little Lake House on the shores of Lake Superior, when out of the blue some delightful carolers appeared on our back deck. Some I knew and some I did not. This turned out to be a specially planned event and it was beautiful indeed!

We opened the patio door and I sat on a chair inside with a blanket while they sang three songs to us. 1) Silent Night 2) Love Is Christmas and 3) Let It Snow.

They were all beautiful. I had tears streaming down my face for silent night and I loved the 2nd song “Love Is Christmas”. I had never heard that before. My Dad always loved “Silent Night” and that made it extra special. And of course “Let It Snow” is always great!

The whole experience was deeply moving but the most touching part of the experience was to see the kindness and compassion in each person’s eyes as they sang to me. It is a moment I will never forget and I will cherish always.

Thank you to these beautiful souls for this gift that I will always cherish.

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