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Don’t Give Your Personal Power Away

๐Ÿ’ฅPersonal Empowerment is

โ™ฅ Your Source of Energy โ™ฅ

The older I get, the more I tap into my own power and personal empowerment. We are energetic beings and bodies, and it is wise to understand this.

When we feel empowered, we feel charged and ‘full of life’. When we are experiencing disempowerment we feel void of life force and of energetic strength.

Ways We Might Disempower Ourselves

What are some things or ways that people disempower themselves?

There are many but a few that come to mind are:

Not Going Within For Answers

This is one of the most common ways. People do not listen to their inner guidance and to their intuition. When you are not tapped in and tuned in to your inner guidance system, it is easier to fall prey to the beliefs and conditioning of the masses, which are not always in alignment with your higher self or with what is true for YOU.

Putting Too Much Emphasis on The Opinions of Others

We all have talents, skills and ideas. As a Life Coach I always try to teach my coaching clients to go within and to find their answers, desires, wants, and to identify the needs that they need to have met. This is what coaching is all about, helping clients to come to their own conclusions and to guide them to use their personal power and wisdom to move forward in their life.

What I often see is that people lose their power by placing too much weight in and on the opinions of others.

For example, “My Doctor said” or “My Accountant said” or “My friend Mary said she heard on the news and blah blah blah”…. I am in no way knocking the wisdom and guidance of professionals or any person on this earth, however, I believe in order to be personally empowered, one must have balance.

For example, I take the guidance from my dentist, accountant, lawyer, medical professional, media, friends, etc. but I use my own discernment also and ultimately come up with my own plan of action based on their guidance and their wisdom and in combination with my wisdom as well.

I don’t blindly forge ahead without asking my questions, maybe even doing some research on my own or asking for second, third and even fourth opinions. And then I use all of the information that I have received and I go within to my higher self and make my formulations which is also based on my feelings. Those are important too. Does this feel right for me? Does the advice of this particular person feel right for me and this particular situation?

The minute I hear someone say “My So and So said… you Fill in The Blank..” the hairs on the back of my neck go up and I think “yes, but what do YOU think, feel and desire?” What feels right for you?

I am going to give you one of my real-life examples. I have shared this simple example with clients over the years, and it gets the point across. Here it is:

I have been going to the same dentist office for my whole life. When I was young and through most of my adult life, I just went to the office and had everything done that this particular office did when I went for a check-up. Speed ahead to now in my life…

I tell them what I want to be done. For example, at this point in my life, I do not choose to have fluoride treatments so I do not get them. I decide, along with their recommendations of course, if it is an appropriate time for me to have an x-ray or not. If I feel it is in the best interest for my oral health at this time, I may say yes but I also decline them more often than not.

The point is, is that I decide what way I want to go and I am the customer who is paying so I very much have a right to decide what is best for me. This my friends is an example of being personally empowered to make choices that you believe are in alignment with YOUR best interests based on a combination of guidance from others and your own input.

And as for people in roles of giving advice and counsel, I think the most beautiful of these people, best help their clients by ‘guiding them to decisions’ and helping their clients to feel empowered and informed.

Not Loving Yourself

This is one of the biggest ways that we disempower ourselves. We don’t show ourselves the love that we are and that we deserve. We need to love every part of ourselves. Our ego, intellect, body, spirit, and soul. If we are not our own best friends, then who are we? Take some time to think about this deeply. It is so important for us to love ourselves.

And it does not matter about where we came from or what was done to us. We can choose to love ourselves. Sometimes just being free to know that is is a choice, helps us to start us on the path to more self-love.

I have written several posts on self-love that you might find helpful. Here is the link

I am going to wrap up for today as I don’t like to make these posts too long but I will leave you with this thought:

It is interesting to note that the more we empower others, the more we empower ourselves. This is when we tap into the force and we understand that there is more power in numbers.

โ€œOur authentic power is found in our truth. This is the place that shows us how to give what is so very good about ourselves.โ€

โ€• Jeanne McElvaney