Be Kind Always…

be kind always

Today I learned of someone who took their own life. Although I did not know them personally, I knew some of their family members, in particular a young child.

This broke my heart and once again reminded me that we never ever know what someone else is battling or what pain they are in physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

What can we do? We can do a simple thing that has great impact. We can be kind to others in our day to day living. Smile at as many people as you can, say hello to as many people as you can, offer to hold a door, hold the baby while Mom packs the groceries in the cart, run an errand for someone with no vehicle, etc. etc. These small acts of kindness make a huge difference. Let us also teach our children to love everyone, to love themselves so they can love others and to be kind and yes say hello to strangers.

Today I vow to add more kind gestures into my everyday and to lead with even more Love and let my heart lead the way and not my head, to let go of judgments and to remember everyone is battling something.


Celebrate Life!

Recently it was my daughter’s 11 birthday and we traveled to Toronto to see a hockey game and visit my sister Stephanie and her family. I was once again reminded of the importance of family and in celebrating life.



We had an early Easter egg hunt both inside and out. We also sat together and decoratedย eggs while visiting and chatting. pretty eggs

We then had a birthday celebration complete with cake and ice cream. Stephanie had taken the time to adorn the table with pretty things that included, flowers and beautiful bowls with Lily’s on them. It was so nice to eat cake and ice cream from these beautiful bowls and in this happy setting. I am a person who takes great joy in the celebration of life and always appreciate the effort when people take time to make it special and to use “the good china” so to speak. Those little touches are a delight indeed. ย To me there is nothing better than getting together to share food, laughter and to make memories, all while celebrating life together.

I am so looking forward to my annual Easter dinner with my family tomorrow. We will have a feast that will be ‘the best ever’ of course, clink glasses, use our fine china, and cherish the chance to be together once again.

Happy Easter to all!