My Thrift Store Finds

I love used things and I love thrift store shopping. It is such a thrill and so helpful for the environment when we re-purpose and re-use items that would otherwise be tossed. And you support a worthwhile cause with your purchases.

I have decided to share here some of my favorite thrift store finds. I hope you enJOY~


My Butterfly Shower Curtain that I hung today at the beach house. And I saw 3 butterflies for real today! ๐Ÿ™‚

Love This Picture!

Love this picture from Winners

Not necessarily a thrift store find but definitely a bargain. This picture is quite large and is perfect at my Shabby Chic style beach house. It is quite large and was only $20!

White Wicker Rocker

White wicker rocking chair with shabby chic pillow

I found this chair a couple of years ago on a FB for sale post and I had a green cushion on the chair for the longest time and did not like it. One day it hit me to put a pillow case on it. I bought this pillow case at the thrift store and it is perfect!

Beautiful Bag I found for a couple of bucks, brand new and perfect for Beach Life #workandplayfromanywhere
pink and white flowered bedspread over an outdoor love seat

I love using thrift store finds of comforters and blankets to use over couches and chairs and such. This one worked perfectly for my shabby chic look at the beach house. I have since found an awesome pink pillow to use so stay tuned for that picture coming soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

A pretty paining with blue, pink and purple of the ocean with birds and beach grass…

This is my favorite painting at my beach house. It was a great thrift store find and I absolute adore it!

Awesome find. “But I Could Never Do Vegan Cookbook” for $1
I just think these measuring spoons are fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ .50cents
Pretty glass bowls for my glass collection. Love stainless steel and glass!
Shrimp on an indoor grill.

Found this T-Fal indoor griller that is smokeless and just the right size. I used it last night for shrimp and chicken. Amazing! I can’t wait to do grilled veggies and stuff… and I have an idea for it … stay tuned.. blog post coming up. And can you believe only $4.99 Canadian? #score