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Power Thoughts Radaite!

Power Thoughts Are a Tool in Your Kit!

Thoughts are made up of energetic frequecies and are POWERFUL ๐Ÿ”‹ TOOLS to be used wisely.

If you look at this picture and contemplate on it, you WILL see that we are energetic and radiant beings. With that said, we emanate out frequencies from our thoughts and from our feelings. Emotions are indeed Energy-In-Motion.

What makes all of this even more powerful is that our hearts are magnetized and will enhance all of these projected frequencies including our thoughts!

When we realized how magnificent and powerful that we really are, it is ABSOLUTELY Exciting. It’s Empowering! It’s Uplifting.

I encourage you all today to let your eyes soak up this picture and to let your heart beat to the resonance of this incredible power that YOU have!

USE and CHOOSE your thoughts wisely today. Engage your heart โค๏ธ and tap into this incredible force that you have within you!

In summation, I have made a 2 minute audio clip with some further thoughts that you might find helpful about Power Thoughts. In this audio I touch on the range of frequencies as well. It is really good to know this so I hope that you take the few minutes to listen.

Listen to Power Thoughts.m4a by Maggie Holbik on #SoundCloud

With much love to all I leave you With the power thought of you having an amazing day!

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Why Not UNchoose?

Maggie, no matter the temptation, you no longer think or say, “I’m anxious,” “I’m hurt,” or “I’m angry.” Because each of these feelings are choices, that can be unchosen, instead of reinforced. And you will be amazed,   The Universe This was my beautiful note from the Universe the other morning and I quite loved it.โ€ฆ

Listen to Power Thoughts.m4a by Maggie Holbik on #SoundCloud