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Life is Like a Board Game

Life is like a board game. We play the game, we make different moves , we pick different colors, and when the game is over we put it back in the box (coffin).

And if you believe in reincarnation, we open the game again, make different moves, pick different colors and when the game is over we put it back in the box.

We open the game again and again, re-choosing and making different moves.

And it does not matter what moves we make. There is no right or wrong, at the end we close the box, put it away, and play again, if we so choose.

It matters not if we win or lose. There is nothing to lose or gain, itโ€™s just a game. The game is infinite and has unlimited possibilities and choices. We base the game on our choices and on our re-choosing. Sometimes we are the King and sometimes we are the Pawn.

They say children learn the best through play and itโ€™s true because life IS play. We play Work, we Play House, we play Dreams.

The questions to ask are โ€œDid we have fun along the way?โ€, โ€œDid we play the game with passion?โ€ โ€œDid we engage fully and embrace all that the game had to offer?โ€. Or did we play along as a pawn feeling that we were a victim to circumstances beyond our control?

Perhaps if we see this thing called Life as a game of endless creation, we would lighten up, laugh more and realize we take everything way too seriously.

Maggie is a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Coach and a Certified Life Coach who loves life and will forever remain childlike during the dance of this lifetime.