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Support Your Beautiful SOUL!

“Support your SOUL just by being YOU!”

What does your soul want? Your soul just wants to express itself. It wants to use its creativity. It wants to follow its divine plan to help you unleash your gifts that you brought with you here to Planet Earth.

How do we unlock this door to the soul?  It’s easier than you thinkโขโขโข

We throw away the key and we just be who we are. We get up each day and we ask ourselves who we are and what brings us JOY? And we follow that! We follow our hearts. We follow our BLISS and that, my friends, is how we throw away the key and cast aside any doubt.

We drop the insecurities and the expectations and we stop analyzing and worrying  if we are doing the right thing because there is no right thing. We are perfectly imperfect and came here exactly to be just that!

So I hope that you embrace the ease and grace of just letting YOU be YOU each and every day!

On another note I have included a quote from my spouse Don that he created today. You can see it below. It’s the one about Heaven on Earth. I have also attached a 2 minute audio clip to explain our thoughts about and around the quote and where it was inspired from for Don.

Don and I both like to write. Don moreso poetry and me well these types of blog posts.

Don and I also love to share our thoughts, ideas, and philosophies with each other. We do this through phone calls throughout the day as well as deep discussions on date night which as most of you know is Friday night for us. It’s very sacred to us. Sharing like this with another Human Being who is also creating their own Heaven on Earth is such a beautiful thing and I am very grateful for him.

I hope you enJOY everything presented here today from our hearts to yours and have a great day everyone! And here is the short audio clip.

Listen to Sunday Heaven on Earth.m4a by Maggie Holbik on #SoundCloud

Perfectly Imperfect
Quote by my spouse Don Perry: “You don’t go to Heaven. Heaven comes to you.

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Why Not UNchoose?

Maggie, no matter the temptation, you no longer think or say, “I’m anxious,” “I’m hurt,” or “I’m angry.” Because each of these feelings are choices, that can be unchosen, instead of reinforced. And you will be amazed,   The Universe This was my beautiful note from the Universe the other morning and I quite loved it.โ€ฆ