Inherently Kind – Love is the Common Thread


I am having the pleasure of vacationing in the Mayan Riviera with my family. It is a work and play vacation for me as I am lucky to work from anywhere with the use of technology.

While enjoying our week here and meeting and observing people of all walks of life, I am once again moved by the beauty of people.

We were discussing last night how easy it is to meet and connect with people when you are travelling. We have met many wonderful Canadians and folks from elsewhere in the past few days.

My spouse and I laughed today at the comedy of it all.  For example we could be on a subway in Toronto with hundreds of people and we may not even say hello to anyone, yet alone the person seated right next to us. Yet we sit here at the resort lobby gathering area in a foreign country and a new tourist arrives from Toronto and we are like long lost friends! โ€œToronto!โ€, we exclaim and proceed to connect via our Canadian spirit.

We had met a couple from Alberta the night before meeting the lady from Toronto. They appeared in the lobby just  after we met  the gal from Toronto. The Albertans announced that they had been looking for us all day to deliver a birthday present they had gotten for our daughter as it was her birthday that day. Imagine the thoughtfulness of a gift! We were all excited and eager to see each other and did our animated greetings. There were others we had met who were also there in the lobby gathering area to wish Sivanna a Happy 8th Birthday.  Shortly after the hello’s, the lady from Toronto  told me that she thought we were close friends with the Albertans. I exclaimed โ€œI donโ€™t even remember their names , we met just last night..lolโ€.

Today I watched a complete stranger reach out to a woman with a bald head and bandaged arm while in line at a buffet. One could only image why and what the story was of the lady with the bald head and arm in a sling, It was touching to see another human being offer help and to inquire with kind words as well as a gentle touch of her hand as she caressed the womanโ€™s back. In that moment I was moved once again, to the knowing that Love is who we are and why we are here. I sit here in a lobby of a resort in Mexico with tears streaming down my face knowing that people are inherently good and that if we only look we can surely see the good, the love, and all of the beautiful people life places in our path.

I encourage everyone, wherever you are right now to stop and to see the beauty within the people around you. Say hello, inquire as to how they are, offer assistance, reach out and see and be the love that we all are. May your light shine and light the way for all those whom you encounter and may you also all be the recipient of this amazing feeling as well.

**** Sidenote:  After writing this post I went to the beach to snap some pictures for this post and noticed the jewellery seller on the beach. At the same moment another lady and I both called out to him that we wanted to see the jewellery. We instantly connected as the vendor laid the silver out on this ladyโ€™s lounger.jewellery She is from Toronto  and had just been in my home city, Thunder Bay,  the other day. Here we were two new friends on the beach buying jewellery together and conferring on how to get the best price. I shared with her how I had just written a blog post about how easy it is to connect while travelling etcโ€ฆ. we laughed  and continued to share and enjoy the moment. โค โค โค