Living Fearlessly, mistakes

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This morning a friend of mine made an engaging post in her FB group that went something like this “Where would you like to spend more time this Sunday?” And I answered: “Exactly where I am. I’ve purposely set my life up this way.” ğŸ™‚

This got me thinking about how I am so glad that in my lifetime I have gotten very clear on what I have wanted and what brings me JOY and to go for that!

As a Life Coach I encourage people to do this. Many times, fear is what stops people and the list of ‘what ifs’ gets them every time. I encourage them to not worry about the what ifs and to get clear on the why nots?

This brings me to another thought around the fear of going after what you want in life. I do not believe in mistakes. I see everything as choices and after choosing if I feel that choice is not bringing me JOY or meeting the need of my desire, I can then re-choose. No mistakes, just experiences to learn from and to launch me on to the next adventure 🙂

Here is a link to a past post that I wrote around the topic of mistakes:

What about YOU?

I hope you take some time today to reflect on where you are in your life and are you happy there? Is there a goal that you have that you have put on the back burner or maybe even shelved permanently?

Ask yourself without excuses or what ifs, if this is still important to you and if the answer is YES then declare your desire of it, smile with JOY, and let the universe start to give you the prompts and show you the way. It always does.

It is our job to get clear on what we want. We don’t have to worry about the what ifs or the hows, our job is to declare and get clear and then watch the magic happen. 🙂