From My Brother “Me & My Baby Sister”

Ed and I. We believe on the steps of Cabin #3 at Kashabowie where we grew up.

My brother Eddie sent me this picture today and I have to say it is the cutest picture I’ve ever seen.  Ed and I are the closest in age. I can only think that there is no way my Dad took this picture cause I don’t that he would let Eddie stick out his tongue, which of course is the best part about this picture… ha ha ha

And of course, I’m pretty cute too. I don’t have many pictures of me when I was small so this meant the world to me! And I can totally see my daughter Sivanna in this younger version of myself.

I feel fortunate to have the love of 5 siblings and all of their offspring ….. It is truly precious, especially at this time in my life.

♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ

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♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ

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