Happiness, happy

Happiness – Keep It Simple Silly

Keep It Simple – You Are Free to CHOOSE

Have you ever smiled at a baby and had them smile back at you? Have you ever seen them giggle and coo for no apparent reason?

What about that little girl with the rubber boots on jumping in that mud puddle? Happiness IS!

Babies and kids are naturally happy and often even full of glee. As life progresses and we teach them structure and rules and such, they too start to lose the spontaneous acts of being happy… just being happy for no reason!

As we get older it seems we forget that we don’t need a reason to be happy, we can just choose it. We are so used to stimulating ourselves from the outside through the use of media, videos, food, conversations, causes, etc. and we forget that happiness is an inside job. We can just be happy. We can choose to be happy regardless of all of the ‘stuff’ going on outside of ourselves.

I hope that you get your HAPPY ON today. 🙂

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