My Life

Me As a Little Girl

My nephew Jason and I many, many years ago.

Here I am with my nephew many years ago sitting on Santa’s knee and of course when one sees an old picture, it makes one reflect on life and always on how fast it flies by.

I Remain Childlike

When I see this picture of myself and the twinkle in my eyes, I am reminded about how I am still very much childlike and I love that about me. I still get excited about life and all that it has to offer.

I was a little girl who rowed a boat to school and when I graduated the eighth grade there were only 7 pupils left in the entire school which was then a one room school. It did have two rooms until the population dwindled and then it was a one room and then closed permanently shortly thereafter.

I am grateful for all of my life to date. I have had many personal challenges along the way but I see them all as catalysts that moved me in the direction of where I wanted to go. I am also grateful that I decided a long time ago that my dreams were important and I have worked hard to make them happen… always with JOY though. I must add that. I really feel that it is important to have JOY and love what you are doing or there is no point.

And most of all, I look forward, with childlike wonder, to all that is yet to come in my creative tapestry of my life as I continue to co-create it with the divine intelligence available to all of us.

What About You?

At this holiday time or whenever you are reading this, I hope that you too declare JOY for yourself in your life and that you get excited about what is yet to come. As we all know, we are never promised tomorrow so we must make the best of whatever time we have left and the best way to do that is to decide in each moment and in each day to find things to do and experience that are JOYful to us.

Happy Day and Happy Holidays to all of my friends here.

With Much Love,


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