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“The path of forgiveness takes us back into ourselves, where the source of all conflict begins.” Michael Dawson

Peace starts within. The fastest track to peace, is through forgiveness.

If you are in pain and feel some forgiveness for yourself would help, try this exercise:

Throughout your days find examples or times when you can practice forgiving yourself. Just think of it like a school lesson or an activity that your are participating in rather than judging or evaluating why you feel you shouldn’t be forgiven.

And these can be little things. For example, you say that you are going to do something that day and you end up not doing it. Maybe it was like me today saying “I am going to get the bedroom organized the way I want it”, and I didn’t complete that task. This is a perfect example of a way to practice forgiveness. I am telling myself right now that it is okay that you didn’t get that done. Relax Maggie it’s okay. It’s okay.

I know this might sound silly but the more ‘practice’ you can have forgiving even yourself, the more you work the forgiveness muscle and it becomes easier to forgive and it can happen quicker.

And then you can practice forgiving others and that too becomes easier. It starts to feel like taking off an icky coat or cloak that you are wearing and you don’t want to wear it anymore!

When we forgive we are FREE! I have written before on the power of forGIVEness and you can read those posts here. Perhaps you will find them helpful.

And if you are having a hard time today for whatever reason, I am right now sending you Love and Support. Stay strong and may peace be with you.

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