Frogs & Loons

Here I am at the cottage listening to the sounds of the morning birds. They are lively and joyous. There are so many singing right now.

Last night was a beautiful star laden night with a 1/2 moon shining brightly over the cabin.

When I went to bed I left the window open both for a breeze and to delight in the sounds of the night.

I was in such Joy that I had to get up to take this video to share a piece of this heaven on earth. Nature’s choir is quite the orchestra of beauty.

Here it is. I hope you enjoy!

MaggieHolbik.com is a Life & Entrepreneurial Coach who helps people to follow their dreams by defining what’s important to them and helps them to make sure they make the moments that matter count and to count the moments that matter. 🙂 Maggie loves to work and play from anywhere and this is one of her most treasured places for that. She hopes you find Joy and clarity in the moments that matter to you!

♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ

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