My Soul Knows

my soul knows

My soul has always known.

It is I who has not been listening.

My soul is gentle.

My soul is kind.

My soul is patient.

My soul lets me play with my ego.

My soul lets me dance with my emotions.

My soul encourages me.

My soul is yearning yet patient.

My soul is eternal and knows that there is no rush.

My soul is the wind beneath my wings.

My oh so beautiful soul I feel you and

I hear you through

every beat of my heart.


♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ ♥j♥o♥y ḶṏṼḕ

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