From My Guides


Most people don’t know this about me. For many years I have been channeling both written and audio information from what I consider to be my guides. Call it what you will, guides, angels, sub-conscious mind, or other.  It happens in an almost downloadable way and sometimes I have trouble keeping up with the keyboard as it happens that fast. 🙂

Until this time I have shared some of my writings with a few select people and only occasionally. However, as per urging from this source, I am now ready to share more with the world.

It is my hope that if this helps you and you resonate with it in anyway, that is wonderful and if this is something that is beyond your belief system or liking, then that is okay too.

So here is a very short Q&A with my Source in response to a question asked on behalf of my Facebook friends. I hope you enjoy it and that it gives you some comfort.

Question from me:

I am wondering what message I can give for my friends who are looking for a message from the other side?


Oh little one it gives us great joy that you asked. Tell your friends that they are in our benevolent thoughts and that their prayers are being answered. Tell them to look for the signs that are gifted their way on a regular basis. Tell them that the more they see, the stronger the connection becomes to allow the communication from the Beloved, from the Divine, from all that is, in Love and Light and Beauty. Tell them to seek the Joy that they so much avoid. They are meant to be joyous beings but they have forgotten how to be.

We will send more information for those who are ready to receive it. Go in Love and in Light……

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