Love is the Highest Vibration!


I just had to share this post I saw today on Facebook by two people who are out there spreading Love & Kindness, Denny & Courtney McNamara. You can follow their FB Page at
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and that you share it far and wide. The message is beautiful and much needed right now… Maggie
Tuesday’s Intuitive Tip✨
Love is the highest Vibration

When we love ourselves we heal the world. Did you know that in every present moment we can heal the pain from our past and insure a loving positive future if we choose love above all else?

The vibration of love is so powerful that it can stop war in its tracks, heal relationships and bring lovers back in union all in a heartbeat. Love curls your toes and makes you weak in the knees. Love brings unity to the planet and harmony to our souls. There isn’t a more sought after vibration than love.

Yet we fear it with everything we are. Why? It’s my belief that love destroys Ego. Ego and love are on different frequencies and therefore can’t be experienced at the same time. Therefore our Egos are in fear of losing control over our lives.

The only way to experience unconditional love is to fall crazy, madly and unconditionally in love with ourselves. Loving yourself will heal the pain that resides in the Ego. Practice self care, meditation, journaling, setting goals and boundaries and make time to nurture the most important love there is. Self love ✨

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