My Brother’s Words

As a person who craves nature, I spend as much time at my cottage as possible. In fact, I am here now. The leaves have all turned color and some are falling from the trees as I type this.  I find being here cleanses my soul and reconnects me back to myself.

I love words and I love the power of words. I keep a journal at the camp, as we call them in Northwestern Ontario, and I was moved when I returned to the camp/cottage this week and read my brotherโ€™s entry. He did three actually. One to his son, who he was here with, one about the great time he had and such, and then a third one.  I loved the one to his son as I know it will hold even greater meaning as the years progress.  I too write messages to my daughter and visualize her reading them after I am gone in the hope she gets comfort from them and that a part of me stays on and I can continue to support her.

However, the third one really touched me personally and made me reflect on life, on family, and on being human.

Here are his words:

โ€œThis Sunday morning finds me here. How nice for us all. To celebrate, sharing, caring, failing, giving, disappointment, learning, growing each day along lifeโ€™s pathโ€ฆ. Peace Be with Youโ€.

At my deepest core I was grateful that my brother used words such as disappointment, failing, and learning. Life is like this. It is not all flower gardens and butterfly happiness, especially as we go through a lifetime as a family. We have our ups and our downs. We have been both the judger and  the judged!  But we get over these things. We recognize our humanness in each other and we remember Love and that we are Love. We connect back to the thread that ties us all together. We are all human and trying to make our way through the process of living a lifetime on earth, learning as we go. The kindest thing we can do for ourselves and our fellow humans is to have empathy, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and Love, for ourselves and others.  You will notice I always put a capital letter on the word Love. Itโ€™s that important to me.

What a wonderful gift life is and it offers us opportunities to forgive, to encourage, to embrace, to hold space, to move through the darkest hours and to Love.  We go through life like mirrors reflecting back to each other our trials, our tribulations, our joys, our triumphs and we are never alone.

To my brother,  I love you with all my heart and I have gratitude for you and everything you teach me just by being you and sharing with me through your excitement for life, your interest in life, and your deep appreciation of family and its importance in our lives.

2 thoughts on “My Brother’s Words”

  1. When families learn to Love one another with or without faults, that is huge. You are lucky to have such a large family and that you are all mostly on the same page. Love you.

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