Appreciate Life and It Appreciates You Back


Today I attended the funeral of a longtime friend. I find that the older I get, the more death teaches me about life and in the gift of life itself. It reminds me that the moments that matter most are often the ones we would never think of when we are young. Such as times spent with loved ones, in nature, enjoying food, fellowship, holding a baby, laughter, sharing jokes, smelling a flower, walking in the park, star gazing, moon watching, and so much more.

Today not only did I attend the funeral service for my friend but I also quietly and in my own mind, celebrated the many moments shared with my friend that indeed impacted my life. As I looked around and saw the people in attendance who were all connected in some way through my friend, I found myself reflecting on how we are all a part of a bigger tapestry and how we can truly impact and touch other’s lives.

Today, I also found myself very much in a frequency of gratitude and it expressed itself through me many times. I found myself grateful for the friendship and the friendships I have, grateful for seeing old friends there, grateful for the lovely lunch that was served by ladies who were very upbeat and warm, and grateful for the hot coffee served to me that delighted my palate. I thanked the staff and told them how much I truly enjoyed the lunch and how good the coffee was. I thanked the gentlemen who performed the service. It occurred to me that the world would be so much warmer and we could all feel so much better in the moments that comprise our lives, if we took the time to appreciate and to say thank you for what seem to be the simplest of things, yet often the most important upon later reflection.

While leaving the funeral home, I passed a house that had beautiful flowers and ornaments beautifully displayed. apl1In that moment I knew this was one of those moments that meant something so I went around the block and circled back, stopped the car and took pictures so I could appreciate the beauty and enjoy for a lifetime. I got back in the car and as I started driving away, the owners pulled up. So it was around the block again and back to the house, and I stopped to thank her for her beautiful display. She was quite animated and so appreciative of my appreciation for her work and of my stopping to tell her so. A simple thing for me to do, yet so profoundly impactful for both I and the flower lady. 🙂

I move on from this day grateful for the lovely teachings it has offered me and I go forth intending to add more and more appreciation to my life and to share that with anyone who comes in my path and allows me the opportunity to thank them for the gifts they are showing the world, from the simplest offering to the grandest gestures.

Farewell my friend. I thank you for the memories and I thank each and every one of you who are reading this. I appreciate you and I am honored that you stopped by today. Please remember to show kindness and appreciation and I promise you that if you appreciate life, it will appreciate you back!

In light and love. ap2words

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